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A.D. McLain


My book “Wolf of the Present” is now availabe on Amazon Kindle. Other ebook formats soon to follow.

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-A.D. McLain


If you have read my newest book, “Wolf of the Present,” please take a moment to write a review on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Five star reviews are very important in selling books today. Studies show that testimonials and reviews are very, very important to book buyers. It is what sets one book apart from another.

If you haven’t read my book, please take a moment to read short excerpt I have on my website, From there, you can purchase a copy of the book through my publisher here, or on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you are unable to purchase a copy right now but would still like to write a review, please contact me at about other options. Thank you so much for your time and help in this matter.

–A.D. McLain

5/26/11 **Update** I just sent off my payment to have my publisher make my book available in an ebook format. It will take about 45 days for it to become available. If you would like to be notified when it is ready, please email me at Thanks.

–A.D. McLain


I’m trying to decide if I should pay to have my book available as an ebook. Several people have asked me about it, but my marketing budget is very limited (almost nill), so I have to really weigh all the pros and cons of any marketing expense and decide what will bring the most return back before I try to spend anything. I am trying to reach my sales goal of selling 500 more books in the next two months in preparation for my going on maternity leave, when I will have very little time to put into marketing. I’m looking for feedback from anyone who has published a book before as well as anyone who would like to buy my book if it were available in electronic format. Is it worth it? Is it a waste of money? What are the best ways to promote an ebook?

-A.D. McLain

When I began writing my series, family was not a very important concept to me. I was 17 years old, looking forward to college and getting out of the house on my own. But as I have grown, so have my characters.

*warning – spoiler alert for those who have not read both of my books* 

From the beginning, family was an important issue for my characters. My first book, “Wolf of the Past,” showed Nicole Cameron, an orphan who had recently lost her adoptive parents and was fairly alone in the world. She meets David, who also suffered the loss of family at a young age. Like Nicole, David was “adopted” by someone who took him in and treated him as family. Also like Nicole, David lost that person and found himself pretty much alone. They find each other and have to overcome their fears of loss to make real their hopes of actually finding someplace where they belong, someone they belong with.

In my second book, “Wolf of the Present,” Meghan hates the concept of family. She never knew her father, and her mother left a lot to be desired. She was absent and neglectful before finally being put in a coma by an angry, drunken boyfriend. Meg bounced around in foster homes, never finding a place to settle or a family to call her own. 

Mark also faced great tragedy in his early family once his werewolf abilities were discovered. He and his sister were attacked by their parents and neighbors, resulting in the death of his sister. Although not as isolated as some of my characters, Mark was left scarred by what happened.

Later in the book, you learn of a family connection between Meg and other characters. This tests her deep-seated fear and resentment of family and makes her re-evaluate how important having a family can be.

I have worked a great deal on the books that are yet to come in the series, and I found that family plays an ever larger role in the story. What makes a family? Is family important? Is family a good or bad thing? How do you get past bad experiences with your family and not become jaded to the concept of being a part of a family? There are many different types of relationships. Be they romantic, friends or family, each have their own role and importance. And each play a big part in developing who we are and who we become. You can’t ignore one without losing something in your characters or your story.

-A.D. McLain

I’ve known since I was twelve that I was meant to write. That’s when I finished my first short book. After that I single mindedly threw myself into my studies, trying to learn grammar, spelling and punctuation, trying to learn creative writing techniques. Now, I’m not going to lie and say I’m some kind of literary expert. I make as many grammar and punctuation errors as the next person. I’m always learning. Even after four years of college (with a degree in English), I still have a lot to learn. When I finished my first book, “Wolf of the Past,” I thought I had  a pretty good handle on my editing. I went through my book hundreds of times and thought it was close to perfection. Well, that’s why it’s always good to have someone else look at your work. After you’ve spent months or even years working on a scene, you stop reading the words and just read what you know you meant. You miss a lot. My publisher for that book asked if I wanted to have an editor look at it, but I wanted to be published, and that would have pushed back the publication date by months or even longer. Besides, I thought it was gold, so I said, “no.” Then I got my first hard copy of the book. Funny how reading something in print, in book format, instead of on a computer screen or on a computer printout can make all the difference. For the first time in years, I sat down and just read my book cover to cover. Much to my disappointment, I found several typos. Of course, I still thought the rest of the book was basically sound, just a few unfortunate mistakes that were overlooked.

Years went by and I found an agent for my second book, “Wolf of the Present.” One of the first things my agent did when I finished my book was to run my book through a program that looked for grammar errors. They found enough to recommend I work with a critiquer before I went any further. I didn’t have a lot of money, but I was able to get a review of my first twenty pages for fairly cheap.  Wow, what a wake up call that was. I felt like I was back in high school again. There were so many things I didn’t even know I was doing wrong, or that weren’t necessarily wrong but could be improved upon if I worded them another way. I studied every comment and re-edited my book with fresh eyes. When it was done, I was amazed. I was proud of my first book, but with my second book, I finally feel like a professional writer. I am not naive enough to think I have now learned all I need to know about edited my work, but I am excited to see what I can write now with my new knowledge. And I am equally excited to see where my future books will take me.  It is my hope to improve with every book I write.

PDF of excerpt from “Wolf of the Present” here:

If you have trouble viewing PDF of “Wolf of the Present” click this link to view in webpage.

Just a couple months left to reach my 1000 books sold goal on “Wolf of the Present.” If I can get there in first 6 months it’s out, I’m almost guaranteed they will pick up my next book, with an advance, and my publisher will start puting a lot more into my publicity. Don’t know where I’m at, yet. First royalty statement comes out soon, but to be on safe side, I’ll assume I have a long way to go and need everyone’s help.  I’m really excited about this series and will continue writing regardless, but I’m hopefull I can reach this goal.

The second book in my Spirit of the Wolf series is now available. It is “Wolf of the Present” and you can read more about it here, or on my website,

My first book, “Wolf of the Past” was published in 2007 and is still available to purchase online. Details are on my site.