Category: Wolf of the Future

With Suriax done and available in ebook or paperback, it is time to resume work on “Wolf of the Future.” I’m also working on the next fantasy book in my Ondar series, but there are logistical details to work out before work can really begin on that one, so back to my werewolves. I started out this month at 8775 words from when I began work on it earlier this year. I am currently at 11,679.  My goal is to get at least half of the book done this month and finish it up next month. Review it in Aug/Sept. and finalize for publication sometime this fall, but definitely by the end of the year. Of course we all know how plans can be, so I will keep updating the blog with my progress as I go along.

-A.D. McLain


So, I finished my cover for my fantasy novelette, “Suriax.” You can take a look at it on my website,  Now, while I am waiting for my husband to finish his edits so I can go through it one last time to make my own final edits, I found myself in between projects and decided to go ahead and get a head start on my next book, “Wolf of the Future.” This will be book three in my Spirit of the Wolf series. I began typing yesterday and am almost to 3,000 words. I am hoping to have a rough draft done by the end of March. For those of you familiar with the series, this story will focus in on Mara and her past. You will also learn the truth about who Durante is. If all goes well, I should finish this book much sooner than anticipated. Here’s to a busy year of writing.

–A.D. McLain