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I’m excited about the upcoming crisis on infinite earths DC crossover event on tv. But why?
I stopped watching Supergirl last season. Never got into Arrow. Watched one season of Legends of Tomorrow. Don’t really care about the new Batwoman series. The only show I’ve stayed with is the Flash. So often shows and movies leave me disappointed by storylines mired in politics and bad character choices. So why do I care about a five episode event stretching across shows I don’t watch with characters I may not even care about in their current incarnations?
In our current remake culture, where Disney took over Star Wars and threw away decades of canon storylines in the book series that most fans would have LOVED to see adapted to film (Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade come to mind…) , we are told again that movie and tv producers don’t care what we want to see. They want to erase the past, because they think they can do it better. They capitalize on our nostalgia while spitting in our faces. They couldn’t even stay true to the original trilogy when making Rebel One (arguably the best of the new films). Many Bothans did not die to bring us these plans! If I made a continuity error like that in my books, no one would let me forget it. But I digress…

Then comes DC. In Lego Batman, they make reference to all the old Batman movies, saying that Batman is all those old Batmans. On tv the new shows regularly refer to old shows. Actors from previous incarnations pop up in guest appearance in the new shows. Brandon Routh meets Supergirl and said she looked like his cousin, a funny nod to his history playing Superman before appearing on Arrow. The father of the Flash is played by the actor who once played the Flash. All of these are wonderfully satisfying Easter eggs that say, “Hey we know you watched these old shows and movies. We watched them too.”
Then comes the multiverse. Now, not only is the actor who played Lois guest staring as Supergirl’s mom. She is Lois, because she was Lois. Smallville is canon. Birds of Prey is canon. Routh is Superman. Batman Beyond is represented. They have even teased Nick Cage could be involved, embracing his almost inclusion in the DC universe in the Superman movie that he was cast for but was never made. I jump for giddy joy at the rumor that Lynda Carter might be reprising her role as Diana Prince/a.k.a. Wonder Woman.
Every tease and announcement has me fangirling all over. I don’t even have satellite. I’ll have to wait to watch the crossover until it makes its way to Netflix. And yet, I’m excited. Because all this effort and attention to detail tells me one thing. The people behind the crossover actually like the characters. They are fans too. They grew up watching the shows and are excited to embrace their past instead of erasing it and starting over, pretending their show is the only one that matters. The time we invested in these old shows matters to them. Our time matters to them, and they appreciate that we are spending it watching their show.


By request, here is Alya and Marinette get a Cloe makeover by wotpast on @DeviantArt

Here is my Fan Fiction based off of the awesome Netflix series, Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Enjoy!


I really enjoyed this writing experiment. It was a lot different than writing my books. My hope is that one day my characters can inspire someone the way I was inspired by this show.