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By request, here is Alya and Marinette get a Cloe makeover by wotpast on @DeviantArt


I documented on earlier posts how I was trying to uncover a recipe for the brown gravy used in Mandarin chicken (found in Louisiana Chinese restaurants) despite the name, it is in no way an orange flavored dish. After a lot of trial and error, I have finally figured out a recipe that gives me great results nearly every time.


All purpose flour – 1/2 to 1 full cup (quantity depends on things like humidity and altitude, you have to play around with it to get the thickness of the gravy to what you want)

5 cups water

3/4 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup karo syrup (light or dark)

1tsp anise

And optional 1/4 tsp crusted red pepper


1: Crush anise and red pepper in mort and pestle

2: mix flour and 1 to 2 cups of the water

3: add in anise and red pepper

4: pour into pan. Add remaining water. Mix well

5: stir constantly over medium heat until thickens

6: add soy sauce, stir over heat until thickens

7: add karo syrup. Stir until sauce is desired thickness. Take off heat. Let cool.

8: pour sauce over breaded chicken breasts or grilled chicken and rice. Can serve over lettuce for restaurant touch. Add crushed peanuts to top. Enjoy!

And that is it. This is the closest I’ve come to the Mandarin chicken from our Chinese restaurants. Of course every place had its own unique Mandarin chicken, so some may be a little different, but this recipe makes a very tasty dish, nonetheless.

– Amanda

Here is my Fan Fiction based off of the awesome Netflix series, Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Enjoy!


I really enjoyed this writing experiment. It was a lot different than writing my books. My hope is that one day my characters can inspire someone the way I was inspired by this show.



I have published under the names A. D. McLain and Amanda Young


Romance by A. D. McLain

Wolf of the Past : Nicole was a simple college student, dealing with the recent deaths of her adoptive parents by trying to expose pollution problems with a local company. Grief soon becomes the lease of her worries when the company finds out about her investigation and tries to end her meddling, but Nicole has the help of two unlikely allies, a strange black wolf and an even stranger man named David.

Wolf of the Present : Wolf of the Present is a hot love story with a twist: Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. But boy is a werewolf. Meg is a girl with a troubled past. In and out of foster homes, and the survivor of tragedy as a child, she has just entered college. She meets Mark, who wants to heal the pain he sees in Meg’s eyes. However, Mark also has some painful secrets in his past.

Wolf of the Future : Werewolves are real. That’s the first thing you need to know. Mara is one of them. Older than the others, she is powerful, beautiful, and alone. Billy never knew about the paranormal world that existed right in front of his eyes. All he knew was his feelings for this strange woman he couldn’t get out of his head.

(coming soon) Calaspia

Psy Touch : NaNoWriMo An erotic exploration into Earth’s near future, where a thought can pleasure or kill. After the great psy storm of the early twenty first century, everything changed. Humans gained the ability to physically influence other people with a thought. The psy-sex industry exploded. So did psy crimes. Society began to break apart into a debauchery filled experience of exploration and no rules.

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Fantasy by Amanda Young

Suriax : If it was legal to kill, would you? Suriax and Aleria were sister cities, separated by the Therion River. Both were founded on a strict observance of the law, but they could not have been more different. For King Veritan founded Suriax on the teachings of Venerith, the Corruptor, a god of laws devoid of morality. In Suriax there is no “right” or “wrong.” There is only “legal” or “illegal.

Awake the Cullers : What do you do when the monsters are real? Legend spoke of people unafraid of pain. They gloried in war and death. Indescriminate killers, they fought past the point when most men would be dead. Nearly unstoppable, they terrorized the lands until at last they were wiped out in the Great Wars. Or so the world wished to believe. On the cusp of transition, Ondar braces for a return to the horrors

A Ball Book : Counting, colors, ball opposites, and more. Learn about a favorite toy with pictures and sign language. (a children’s book)

You can find these books on Smashwords and Amazon.