Last week, a couple had their 5 month old baby in the hospital. He had suffered from heart murmurs and was developing flu like symptoms. After seeing a nurse give their baby a medicine she could not identify, later finding out it was antibiotics, even though the doctor told them the baby should not get antibiotics, and other incidents that raised their concerns as to the reliability of the hospital and staff where they were, the doctor told them the baby needed heart surgery. The left against the doctor’s advice and sought a second opinion. The second doctor said the baby was fine to go home. There were no concerns for the parents. The next day their baby was taken from them by Child Protective Services. After a week with their sick 5 month old baby in custody, where they were only allowed a single 1 hr visit under observation. They finally had their hearing yesterday and were told

“The court also ruled that the parents must follow all future medical advice, including not removing their child from Stanford Medical Center without proper discharge.”

Since when do we not have any choice but to follow all medical advice? I though we always had a right to decline treatment if we did not want it. Or is that right no longer ours? They did not trust their first doctor because he kept making mistakes, so they went straight over to another doctor who said the baby was okay to go home. They were responsible, caring parents, not some drugged out idiots leaving their baby sick at home while they went out partying or drinking. And for being good parents their baby was taken from them for almost a week, and they weren’t even allowed to see him except for one 1 hr visit. This makes me sick.   How long until they start taking our babies for feeding them solid foods or peanut butter before they doctor says it is okay? They could easily look at our Facebook posts about such topics and report us as bad parents if we admit to doing these things.

Doctors can now ask you at routine checkups if you have a gun in the house and then record it as a risk factor on your file. Just recently a German immigrant family is facing deportation after coming here seeking political asylum so they could homeschool their children. The Department of Homeland Security ruled that homeschooling is not a right and so they cannot stay here. If they go back to Germany they will have their children taken away because they chose to homeschool instead of sending them to a state run school. In Germany, even if you send them to a regular school during the day, you can have your children taken from you if you try to teach them anything at home. It was a policy instituted under Hitler that was never repealed. They were on their final warning and were about to lose their children when they left Germany and moved here in 2008. Now our government is ready to send them back to Germany to have their children taken from them because homeschooling isn’t a right, so they do not qualify for political asylum. Our government has made this decision.

If they can take our children away for seeking a second opinion from a doctor and then tell us we have no right to deny medical treatment for our children, what is to stop them from saying we are abusing our children by not puting them in Head Start programs at regular schools? They have already set precident that homeschooling isn’t a right. If we don’t have the right to decide when someone is going to perform a surgery on our baby, what makes us think we can argue we have the right to decide how to teach them the alphabet?

If we let incidents like this go by un challeneged, we will not wake up until it is our child they take for no reason, and we are left begging to have our baby given back to us.