MSNBC is doing promos saying that our kids don’t belong to us. They belong to the collective. Scary stuff. So the same people who say we have the right to kill our own child are now saying that same child doesn’t belong to us. What is with these idiots? My children are mine. I had the morning sickness that lasted into the 3rd trimester both times, sciatic pain that started at week 6 of each pregnancy and stayed around 5 years later, stitches, bed rest and horrible heartburn that lasted for months. I struggled through two and half years of pumping and breastfeeding, no sleep, endless doctor appointments, and many, many illnesses running around the house. I am the one there when my kids have a nightmare or learn to walk. I suffer through all the crap because children are precious gifts from God, and it is worth all the pain and hardship to care for those little miracles. So MSNBC can go walk off a cliff and follow their crappy ratings into the void. Leave my children alone. You don’t deserve them, and you can’t have them.

Watch the crazy video here:

-A.D. McLain