It is with a heavy heart I saw farewell to City of Heroes and Villains, now entering its final months. I still remember those early days of the game, the newness of it all. Never before had a MMO had so much customization available to its players. It opened a new world to me and my friends, and I loved it.

City of Heroes came to me at a time when I needed an escape, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In the years that followed, I did not play as often as I would have liked. Blame it on life. Got married, had two children, moved in to my house, published three books and had full time jobs a good bit of that time. Finding time to play was difficult to say the least. But I always thought it would be there, waiting for me when I was ready. I dreamed of when I could get a second computer so my husband and I could play together, instead of needing to take turns.  When they made a “free to play” option available, that dream came even closer. No longer would we both need to pay for an account to play together. Finally, this year, everything seemed to be coming into place. The kids were a little older. We could begin to budget more time to playing, maybe even sharing the game with our kids. But the game could not wait for us. The game we enjoyed for so many years is now coming to an end. The servers will be shut down, and our time has run out.

It is sad. The game will be missed. I don’t know that we will ever invest so much time and money into another MMO, knowing how it can be closed and taken away, leaving us with nothing. At least with a console or PC game, you will always be able to return when you are ready. I still have stages on Twisted Metal Black I want to beat, and I can, whenever I want. We introduced my son to Soul Callibur II the other day. There is something to be said for the permanency of that, of knowing those games will always be there as long as I have a console to play them.

But I will miss COH/COV. It was fun. It was unique and it gave us something we needed at the time. A console version of the game to keep for years to come would have been nice. I know, despite my limited time actually playing the game, I will miss it and miss not having the choice to play, when I have time between work, my books and the kids. So goodbye City of Heroes and City of Villains. Thanks for the memories and the innovative, addictive game. And please consider putting out a console version of the game for Playstation.