My pizza month research continued today with “The Big Murphy,” a stuffed pizza made at Papa Murphy’s in Mandeville, LA. There are two crusts with toppings in between the crust and on top. For just over $14, I was able to get a pizza with chicken, bacon and cheese on the inside and pepperoni, ham, black olives and mushrooms and more cheese on top. Instead of the regular red sauce there was a garlic cream sauce. After two pieces I was done for the night. It was filling, great flavors and a great price.

At Papa Murphy’s they make the pizza right in front of you with the toppings you chose and wrap it for you to heat up at home. So, the incredients are fresh and you can make it when you want it (within 24 hours). Biting into “the Big Murphy” was like eating a large sandwich or lassagna. It was a big bite full of a variety of flavors and textures. It reminded me of a stuffed crust, but it was so much more. I’m tempted to rate this one above Pizza Hut, but they have a completely different appeal with Pizza Hut’s buttery, crispy crust. Instead, I will give Papa Murphy’s a 9 out of 10, a tie with Pizza Hut.

-A.D. McLain