* Update – Today’s winning quote is “A friend is a friend, no matter how… buggy.”


It is day three of the Motivate Me game. We all known those goofy motivational posters that show pictures of random stock images and tell us some moral message to inspire us. Well, I challenge everyone to make up some good motivational sayings for some less than inspiring photos. Today’s challenge is a group of plastic bug toys. So, Motivate Me. What can you come up with?

Today is day three of my week long “Suriax” Independence Week Launch Party.

Ebook on sale $0.99 (free with purchase of paperback)

When: July 1-7th, 2012 In honor of Independence Day, for the first week of July the eBook version of “Suriax” will temporarily go on sale for $0.99 (down from $3.99) Check this blog each day that week for fun activities and door prizes. As a Special Bonus Offer, if you purchase a copy of the paperback between now and July 7th and email a copy of your order confirmation to wotpast@yahoo.com, you will receive a code to download the eBook for free.
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-A.D. McLain