*update – the winner is Eve with her quote “Look at your life. Untangle it now!”*


We are going to play a little game I call Motivate Me. We all known those goofy motivational posters that show pictures of random stock images and tell us some moral message to inspire us. Well, I challenge everyone to make up some good motivational sayings for some less than inspiring photos. Today’s challenge is a ball of yarn. So, Motivate Me. What can you come up with?

Today is day one of my week long “Suriax” Independence Week Launch Party.

Ebook on sale $0.99 (free with purchase of paperback)

When: July 1-7th, 2012
In honor of Independence Day, for the first week of July the eBook version of “Suriax” will temporarily go on sale for $0.99 (down from $3.99) Check this blog each day that week for fun activities and door prizes.
As a Special Bonus Offer, if you purchase a copy of the paperback between now and July 7th and email a copy of your order confirmation to wotpast@yahoo.com, you will receive a code to download the eBook for free.
Starting today, July 1st: Buy “Suriax” on eBook for $0.99 here
Buy Paperback for $5.99 here
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-A.D. McLain