I love pizza. For years I would see new pizza places and say we should go there one day. Of course then we would default to the old standbys and get the ones we already knew we liked. Well . . .

I have decided this month is pizza month. I usually eat pizza about once every week or two, but after a week where I ended up eating 7 different types of pizza, I decided to give in and keep going. So, instead of fighting it, I will continue to pursue new pizza and report back which are the best based on taste, price, toppings, etc.

So far I have eaten Pizza Hut, Italian Pie, Chuck-e-Cheese, Papa Johns, Mellow Mushroom, Dominos, Red Baron, Sicily’s Pizza and Italian Buffet and Winn Dixie Brand. Here’s how I ranked them:

Pizza Hut 9 out of 10

Good Value. Love that greasy, buttery crust. I’m glad they are back in my area. We lost Pizza Hut for months after the franchise owner down here failed to pay taxes and franchise fees and got shut down.

Italian Pie: 9 out of 10

I ate at Italian Pie for years before trying the pizza. It was a shock how good it was. The flavors were rich and deep. You could taste the freshness. It is very similar to Mellow Mushroom, just cheaper.

Chuck-e-Cheese: 9 out of 10

Has a good chewy crust and the pepperoni was nice and crisp. Good flavor, a little expensive, but hey, you get to play video games and skeetball.

Papa Johns: 8 out of 10

Dry like Dominos, but I like the flavor better. Good delivery prices at 10 to 12 bucks for up to 5 toppings on a large. The rewards program is good, too.

Mellow Mushroom: 8 out of 10

Was good but expensive for $17 on a large one topping pizza. Granted, it was a little bigger than a normal large, but when you can get five or seven toppings for 10 to 12 bucks, 17 is a little steep for one. The crust was dry like Papa Johns or Dominos. The cheese was a little greasier, like Pizza Hut. The flavor was the big difference. You could really taste the bite of the mozzarella and clumps of parmesan. The cheese gave it a unique taste. Not my favorite pizza, but good and very filling. (I took off a star for price)

Dominos: 7 out of 10

A good standby pizza. Dry crust, not very oily. Cheese has a good taste. Usually has some good carry out deals, but they stopped delivering to where I live, so I’m a little bitter. I enjoyed them for years in high school and college.

Red Baron: 6 out of 10

Good crunch, good flavor. Not the best, but cheap. Also smaller than take out pizza, so not as filling.

Sicily’s: 5 out of 10

Pretty good taste and good value for your money (buffet), but only if you like to eat your pizza all in one sitting. Staff was friendly and atmosphere was nice.

Winn Dixie brand: 4 out of 10

Decent frozen pizza. It works as a party snack, and I mean snack. Prepare to finish off one pizza by yourself if you are a moderate or heavy pizza eater. It is cheap and will do, but can’t say as I’ll ever crave it.

Of course, at the end of the day pizza is pizza, and even bad pizza is still good (most of the time). I may not have a craving for certain brands, but that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy eating them all the same. My pizza month will have to be expanded a month or two. I still have to try Papa Murphy’s, Pizza Man, Isabella’s, Mama D’s and Rockefirer Pizza. I will update the blog with those reviews and my final ranking once I try these other five pizza places.

So what is your favorite pizza?

-A.D. McLain