Scam alert: If someone calls saying a relative is in jail in Sarnia, Canada after being involved in a car accident near Niagra Falls where the driver was drinking, and needs $1000 wired to them so the judge will let them leave and come back to the USA, it is a scam. Courthouses do not have a Western Union in them, and Sarnia is not that close to Niagra Falls. It is about 3 to 4 hours away. Anyone arrested near Niagra Falls would be taken to neared jail/courthouse, probably Saint Catherines.

The attorney calling claimed to be Daitalin Eisner with Johnson and Johnson law firm in Canada and gave a Vancouver number: 778-239-9035.  Sarnia courthouse had not heard of this attorney or lawfirm. Lawyer claimed relative was being held, but not formally arrested, pending the payment of the fine to release him. Thus, the police and courthouse had no record of him. Attorney refused to provide any proof of who she was or where she worked. Could not provide name of judge, number or courthouse or police station (I had to look those up online), website for lawfirm, proof she was even a lawyer, and we were given one hour to pay fine or he would have to go to jail.

“Relative” claimed to have a cold to cover up the fact that he didn’t sound exactly like the real relative.