What POV do you write in?

I have always gravitated to multiple points of view. It’s like third person, but instead of being stuck in one person’s head, you jump to whoever has something important to observe. Of course, if it is not done right, it can difficult for the reader to follow whose head you are in at any given time. It can be confusing. For my last book, I tried to do more third person and stay in one head for each scene. When I normally would have jumped heads to show a different opinion or observation I had to challenge myself to express everything in another way. I think it made me a better writer, but there were still some times when I felt like a multiple point of view was needed. That experiment taught me something. When done correctly in moderation, multiple points of view can really add something to a scene, but when overused it becomes a crutch and a hinderance in getting the story across. Multiple POV does not have to be the only way I write. It is just one of the many tools we as writers have access to.

-A.D. McLain