* update 6-7-12 – More face biting . . . this one in Louisiana. They don’t know if drugs were involved.  More here.


So we have drugs that cause people to go mad and start growling and eating people, flesh-eating bacteria in Georgia (where the cdc headquarters is, by the way), a “zombie gun” in Russia, and a zombie parasite that may be in your brain right now that causes schizophrenia. Oh and let’s not forget the CDC released that “zombie apocalypse” survival guide almost exactly one year ago. What is going on? We don’t need some out of control virus that sweeps across the globe in less than a week turning everyone into mindless zombies. The truth is so much worse. We have five or ten things that can make us act like zombies and we are doing it to ourselves. People are voluntarily taking those bath salts and developing “zombie guns.” That Canadian cannibal wasn’t high when he killed and ate his lover. Those twilight cultists, i.e. idiot teeny boppers, voluntarily bleed each other and drink the blood to be like the “fake” vampires they worship. (pardon me a moment while I channel my inner old person – What is wrong with kids these days? In my day we watched Dracula, the Wolfman, even Silence of the Lambs, and guess what? We didn’t try to drink each other’s blood afterwards. Ewww!) People can be so dumb, it’s a wonder we’ve lasted this long.

Yes, I know there’s always been the random psychopath or cannibal running around. But the usually don’t run around naked, growling and eating off people’s faces in broad daylight. I’m just saying. If we are so willing to give away our humanity for a few hours high, do we even deserve it? At least a virus can be quarantined, treated, cured. You can’t cure idiots who decide on a whim to take some new drug to have a good time. What is to stop one of my neighbors from taking that crap and attacking me or my babies when we are taking a walk. All it takes is one moron to ruin things for everyone else. unfortunately, that is the truth, and we have all lost just a little bit of our complacency, at least for a while. Maybe it’s a good thing, because whether it’s a flesh-eating zombie, psycho cannibal, drugged moron, a virus or parasite, or even a drunk driver or run of the mill killer, there are threats everywhere. We can’t let fear run our lives, but those of us who are parents have the added responsibility of caring for the well-being of those who can’t take care of themselves. All we can do is prepare for whatever may come so we can be ready to defend our families, should the need arise.

-A.D. McLain