I’ve noticed lately an abundance of fruit puree in squeezable pouches. It started out as a toddler snack on the baby food aisle. First came the name brand, then the store brand knock offs. Yesterday I found that they have made the jump from baby/toddler food to the fruit isle. I often get fruit cups for my older son. The diced fruit makes a good snack, and he likes it. I try to get fresh fruit and berries, but inevitably they go bad before we can finish them. I don’t know if is our grocery stores down here or what, but I often find food that is either at or past its expiration date still sitting on the store shelves. I’ve bought macaroni and cheese that was expired for two years, cookie dough that was stored at improper temperatures and didn’t cook correctly (twice), and tried to get some bottled water only to see that it was best by six months ago. Fresh fruit and veggies don’t usually last very long once I buy them, making me wonder how long they have been on the shelf, too. Fruit pouches don’t go bad as quickly and have a couple other advantages as well. They are easy to take with us on the road and they usually have a good variety of different fruits and berries that aren’t as easy to come by in the cups. But they do leave me with one observation. Feeding my 10 month old son, I’m excited he is transitioning to more solid foods. He is moving away from baby puree and eating more table foods. As parents this is a fun time. Yet my four-year old is now moving back to puree for his snacks. Strange how things work out.

-A.D. McLain