Well, I am now 43,000 words into a book I thought was done at 35,000 words. Suriax is a joint venture fantasy novel I am working on with my husband. After my first draft was done, I printed it out for him to read and he came back with edits, things he wanted me to expand on or thought needed more detail. A couple weeks later, I’ve added almost 10,000 words and feel really good about where this story is going. This is my first foray into fantasy, as I usually write paranormal romances. I’ve learned a lot and challenged myself to write about things that aren’t my forte. I just finished working on a fight scene I struggled on for over a week. I had to stop and start a lot to get it done. I am so glad I did the Nano challenege in November. It has taught me to write without interruption. When a scene gets me stuck I skip to another. I do a lot of jumping back and forth, but it keeps me writing and that is an incredible feeling. Never before have I cranked out so many words in such a short amount of time. I can’t wait until I finish the last edit and get to share this book with the world.

-A.D. McLain