I came to the realization the other day that jobs are like death. I don’t mean how some jobs can be soul crushing, time consuming wastelands that serve only to suck up all your time and joy and keep you away from your family and friends. I actually have a more optimistic point to make. Now, if you’ve ever watched or read a ghost story you know the plot where said ghost has unfinished business and has to fix something or learn something before he or she can move on to the great beyond. Jobs can be a lot like that. But just like the ghosts in these stories, you have to be open to learn something, or you just end up haunting the same place for all eternity, a wisp of your former self. I’m a writer, so my dream job is of course to write. But darnnit if life doesn’t like to get in the way with those pesky little bills and need for food and such. I’ve had my fair share of jobs on my quest for my dream. I’ve worked in accounting, physical therapy, marketing and sales. One thing every job had in common was that I had them for a reason. They taught me skills, helped me meet people and even helped me move to somewhere I needed to be. Without my first job out of college, I would never have moved when I did and avoided having my home destroyed by a hurricane. I found my first publisher from working at a physical therapy clinic. Whenever I needed a new job, I found one.  I have always been where I needed to be when I needed to be there. And once I learned what I needed to learn, I moved on. I never knew going in what I would get from any of my jobs. Most of my experiences were unexpected and life alterring. I may not always be where I want to be, but I am always where I need to be. Realizing that can make it a little easier to handle difficult times. Ten years ago I never could have predicted where this decade would take me, but I know I have been blessed. I just need to be where I am and let the future take care of itself. I have faith I will reach my dreams and goals one day. In the mean time, I will learn what I am meant to learn and take full advantage of where I am, now. If I hunker down and learn everything I can as quickly as I can, I will be one step closer to where I am meant to go.

-A.D. McLain