Lisa Olsen does it again! “Mercy for the Wicked” is a continuation of the story in “Angel of Mercy,” where Merceline was accidentally gifted with Grace from a fallen angel who was only trying to save her life. She is left “something new,” not quite human but not an angel either. Caught between two worlds, Mercy struggles with her forbidden attraction for bad boy fallen angel, Adam, and a safe, normal relationship with her human cop boyfriend, Ben. With angels and demons after her at every turn, both relationships seemed destined for failure.


Olsen has a way of creating lively, fully developed, realistic characters who draw the reader in, make you laugh, and make you care what happens to them. Their motivations and decisions are easy to follow. Their dialogue and quirky personalities are fun to read. I will excitedly await the next installment in “The Fallen” series to see how things are resolved.

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-A.D. McLain