When  I read a book, I usually have one of three reactions. I may hate it and can’t even finish reading it. I may like it but find myself distracted easily and thinking of how I would write the story differently. (Those books are part of the reason I became a writer). And the third reaction: I may love it and find myself unable to put it down. For those books, I find myself thinking of the story long after I’ve finished reading the book. Every page is a joy and I can’t wait to read more. That category is usually reserved for a few of my favorite authors, such as Sherrilyn Kenyon, Maggie Shayne and Jayne Castle. I now have a new author to add to that list. Her name is Lisa Olsen and the book is “Angel of Mercy.”

“Angel of Mercy”  is the story of Merceline, a woman who unexpectedly finds herself thrust in the world of angels and demons after a near death experience leaves her healed by a fallen angel and imbued with some of his powers.

Mercy is a strong, funny and very likeable main character. Her interactions with her friends and family are believable and entertaining. When she complains of her family drama, I feel I am listening to an old friend. All of Olsen’s characters have depth and personality. In otherwords, they feel like real people.  The action of the story flowed well.  From page one, there was never a moment when I got bored and wanted to put the book down. But even so, each chapter wrapped up well enough that I could stop when I needed to go back to work or care for my children. It struck a nice balance that made it a very enjoyable read. I will gladly purchase this author’s other books and cannot wait to read the continuation of this story in “Mercy for the Wicked “

Lisa Olsen Website

-A.D. McLain