I find myself wanting to write about what is happening with Israel but not knowing what I should write. I’ve never been a great student of history. I’ve learned more in the past few years than I ever learned in school. It is amazing how much history we aren’t taught, how little most of us know. But one thing always seemed clear to me. The Holocaust was bad. People were murdered. Hitler was evil and killing the Jews was wrong. It was something everyone seemed to agree on. In a world of grays, this one issue was black and white. So how can so many people be so quick to turn their back on Israel, now? How can everyone be so quick to disregard hate speech calling for the death of the Jews? How can people shrug and say it could never happen? It has already happened within the past century. Are our memories so short? Are we that easily led? When children’s programs in Egypt talk of Jews being evil and how they should all die, how can we turn a blind eye?

As a child in school, I wondered how the world could let the Holocaust happen. There have been countless studies trying to explain how the German people went along with the death camps. Yet when faced with the same prospects again, we do the exact same thing. Instead of standing with our brothers and sisters in Israel, we would stand with countries who harbor terrorists bent on our destruction. We support countries where women are stoned to death and children are used as suicide bombers. How can we be so blind? And for those who do see, how can we remain silent and ignore what is happening? What will be our excuses to our children for why we did nothing, why we did not act? Regardless of the price we must pay, the sacrifices we must make, some things are black and white. Some choices are clearly good or evil. And doing nothing is the same as being complicit . Remaining silent because we are afraid of who we may offend is the same as carrying out the atrocities ourselves. I for one will not remain silent. I support Israel. May others stand with me in their support, but even if they do not, I will continue to stand for what I know is right.

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–A.D. McLain