I’m often teased because I write my books out of order. I have two published books. I was asked the other day if I was working on book three. My response, “Actually I’m working on book 18 now.” Of course everyone says, “You have to write book three before book eighteen.” Not neccessarily. I’ve always felt that I need to write my ideas down as I get them. If you don’t write them down, you lose them.  When I was younger, I would write down every idea I got and put them all asside for those books I would write later. When I began my Spirit of the Wolf series with my ideas for “Wolf of the Past” I thought it would be the same. I would write down my ideas and revisit it later. But I never put it down. I kept writing it.  As I wrote, I realized quickly that my book was going to be part of a larger series. My characters had much more to say that what could fit in a single book.  Of course, I just thought it would be maybe three books. But as I wrote, I kept meeting new characters and wanted to know what happened to them in their stories. They all had something to say, and they would not be silent. I started jotting down notes for those future books and the characters I wanted to revisit. At first, my notes were a jumbled mess. But eventually I learned to organize them and I found that as I thought out my ideas for my future books, it actually changed the way things went my my earlier ones. When I knew where the characters were going and more about who they were, I new that some things had to happen earlier on to set everything up. The more I work on these later books, the more excited I become to sit down and write the early ones that will be the foundation of this series. I was asked a few weeks ago if I thought I would actually write 18 books in my career. My answer was “Of course I will.” After all, to me, these stories are already written. I am just the story teller. I am compelled to write about these characters, and every time I learn something new about them, it excites me. Besides, I may have spend the past ten years working on this series, but and only have two of the books completed, but that doesn’t mean the other books are completely unwritten. You have to have your foundation firmly in place before you can build your house.