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We have some upcoming pre-order releases for our newly edited books.(Will post more as they become available.)

By A. D. McLain

Wolf Of The Past -now available

(Spirit Of The Wolf Book 1)

Wolf Of The Present (Spirit Of The Wolf Book 2) of the Future (spirit of the wolf book 3


Psy Touch

Calaspia: A Shapeshifter Romance (Spirit Of Faith Book 1)

Suriax: Law And Morality In A World Of Magic And Gods (Ondar Series Book 1)

Awake the Cullers: birth of heroes, rise of monsters (Ondar Series book 2)

By Betty McLainLove’s Magic: Second Edition

Love’s Dream: Second Edition(Love’s Magic Book 2)

Love’s Time: Second Edition(Love’s Magic Book 3)

image (14).png

Love’s Reflections (Love’s Magic Book 4)

Love’s Call (Love’s Magic Book 5)

Love’s Prophecy (Love’s Magic Book 6)

Love’s Sight (Love’s Magic Book 7)

Love’s Answer (Love’s Magic Book 8)

Love’s Enemy (Love’s Magic Book 9)

Love’s Retaliation (Love’s Magic Book 10)

Dody2.jpgRich Man’s Daughter: Running From Wealth To Prove Her Worth


Working with a Publisher

All my books and my mom’s books will temporarily be unavailable for purchase. We are going to be working with Creativia Publishing. Our books will be re-released through them at a later date.

This impacts:

By A. D. McLain

Wolf of the Past

Wolf of the Present

Wolf of the Future


Psy Touch

By Amanda Young and Raymond Young Jr


Awake the Cullers

By Amanda Young

A Ball Book

By Betty McLain

Rich Man’s Daughter


Love’s Magic

Love’s Dream

Love’s Time

Love’s Reflections

Love’s Call

Love’s Prophecy

Love’s Sight

(Children’s books)

The Adventures of Snooky Snail

A Surprise for Susie Spider (The Further Adventures of Snooky Snail)

By request, here is Alya and Marinette get a Cloe makeover by wotpast on @DeviantArt

Here is my Fan Fiction based off of the awesome Netflix series, Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Enjoy!


I really enjoyed this writing experiment. It was a lot different than writing my books. My hope is that one day my characters can inspire someone the way I was inspired by this show.